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TRU TAX ACCOUNTING Solutions brings an assortment of services that meet the needs of our individual clients. We aim to provide individuals, families, and businesses with quality credit solutions that help repair and build credit in the best possible way.

We offer the following services:

  • Credit Repair & Restoration
  • Credit & Identity Protection
  • Credit Builder Plan
  • Business Credit Solutions


Here is the Basic Premise of How Credit Repair & Restoration Works… In order for an account to REMAIN on your credit report, it must be 100% ACCURATE and 100% VERIFIABLE. Any derogatory items that are proven to be either not verifiable or not accurate can then be completely taken off your credit report. TRUTAX ACCOUNTING Credit Solutions will work to straighten out your credit issues and put you back on track financially.

7 Benefits of Credit Repair

Buy Your Dream Home – With easy and hassle-free loan approvals, you can finally buy the home you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family.

Pay Less In Interest – A better credit standing means lower interest rates on credit. Call us to know how exactly we can make this happen for you.

Sick Of Being Denied For Credit? – We help you achieve and maintain an exceptional credit score that grants you approval for any big purchases on credit

Need A New Vehicle – Get approved for a car loan without the least bit of hassle! With us backing you up, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to purchase the ride of your dreams.

Save Money On All Your Bills – With lower interest rates on all your bills, you’d be able to pay a lot less and save so much more.

Get The Job Advancement!! – You get higher chances of landing the job or position you’ve always wanted with a clean and untarnished credit report.

Get Approved For Credit Cards – There is absolutely no doubt that with our guidance, banks and other financial institutions would easily approve of your credit card requests.